Monday, July 2, 2007

Win a Gaming Console from Nick Mercer

Nick Mercer the Most Evil Blogger and the owner of a site with Online Flash Games is currently having a contest where if your talk about 4 of your faults you can have the chance of winning either a "Nintendo Wii with 2 Extra Controllers (and Nunchucks) as well as Mario Party 8" or a "Microsoft Xbox Elite System with a copy of Forza 2". Personally I can say I have many faults, to save time I’ll only mention the top 4 as the contest requires.

Lack of Focus

I have a real problem with keeping focused on one particular job at a time. This problem at times borders on Psychotic whenever I reflect on it. I currently have no less than 20 personal web and programming projects in the works. When I’m at a point where a backbone structure is made I move on to something new... Either I get inspired by some new technology or some idea pops into my head. The result is a backlog of truly worthwhile projects.

No Patience with others

When it comes to myself I have all the patience in the world, But if I have to explain something technical to someone and they don’t understand in under 30 seconds I label them as slow and I get frustrated. Even though I know this is totally unfair and that the same concept may have taken me months to learn. Go figure...

Pride/ Stubbornness

I have a way of ignoring people's suggestions, especially when it comes to my work. Telling me my colors are off on a web site or that a form should look like this instead of that or that I should learn another web technology because it can do something better, instantly fills me with rage even if it does turn out to be true. Though I think a programmer is expected to have some pride in his/ her work because they are creating something that evolves from nothing into a fully functioning entity, capable of performing on its own. I however am too easily hurt by other opinions of my effort.


I tend to mask my procrastination by getting something else conviently more important to do. Professionally I tend to wait until 24~48hrs before a project deadline before I start to feverishly work to finish it. Regularly having to stay awake 24hrs to do so.

I do recognize that these faults are a problem and since I have recognized them I am working steadfastly to alter my ways. Even writing about it now for this competition will do wonders in improving me. I want to thank Nick for giving me this opportunity to join his contest, and I encourage everyone to also do it. This is one of the few contests out there where it’s a win-win situation for you by entering. To know your faults is the 1st step to solving them.

I am saving money currently to seek professional help :P

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